The Taro coffee table made from waste wood.

The Taro coffee table is the second piece in the Milo series of furniture made from waste. (Originally designed and built in April 2011)

I decided to make this table to be a main centre piece of your living room in front of a large sofa or in the centre of two sofas for example.

The table measures 1 meter by 60cm and 40cm high which is slightly lower than the original smaller Milo table. It really weights a ton though and you need two people to carry it.

I came up with the Milo series made from ReCut waste wood because I decided to tackle the waste that is produced in this world.

In 2010 we produced 3.4 Billion tonnes of waste wood.

Picture of a coffee table with glasses on them.

The second thing is that no one knows anything about the materials used in fitted furniture making and I want to get people interested in them, this is made possible with the visible layers that draw people in and who ask questions, I can then tell them as much as they want about where they are made, how, with what and how this affects the ecology of the World and it’s health, which in tern is our health.

Picture of a coffee table made from waste.

Look out for the Lucas Bedside table coming soon.

Tristan Titeux

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