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Sustainability in Action


We are loosing an area of the Rainforest the size of a football pitch, every, single, second. Many products we use contain wood from the Rainforest.

The latest studies show that in the UK we created 4.3 Billion Tonnes of waste wood. The planet can’t afford to waste this material.

Over 80% of wood used in the UK is imported. We need to find alternatives to the usual timbers such as waste straw, hemp, recycled jeans and any other waste by product, fast growing species such as hazel, birch and other local materials.

We are not happy about this situation and want to do something about it, offer you an alternative to mass consumption, poor quality goods, made abroad that you can’t repair. Instead local produce made from natural, local sustainable materials made to last with love and a personal touch.

Here you will fine eco furnishings made from organic fabrics, natural local materials, local craftsmen, fair trade, renewable fabrics, eco paints, clay plasters, eco fitted furniture, upcycled furniture and beautiful design for your home.

Environmentally-sensitive living radically cuts the impact of the home on the planet.

We’re expert on living light, on reducing your environmental footprint in the home and enhancing your well-being, personal satisfaction by having a deeper appreciation of the home you live in.

“My father was an ecologist. He had a weekly spot on the radio talking about wild plants and their uses. We lived in a beautiful, primitive house. It had one cold tap, no fridge, TV or central heating. I spent my time playing out in nature and using my hands to make things out of wood. We milked goats. We collected eggs, our honey, our vegetables and fruit. We had wood fires, I saw where the wood came from and what it gave us. We wasted nothing. We understood the value of resources. When we used something we knew where it had come from, who had made it. This is what gives me the deep understanding and relationship between nature and human activity”

Tristan Titeux – Milo’s designer