Natural Eco Sofas

I have come across a great company in the UK that makes eco sofas. They have been making sofas since 1953, the age when natural eco materials where more the norm than today.

They are eco because they use all natural materials that are healthy for you.

Another bonus is that are hand crafted in the UK, so no slave or child labour, and you are encouraging the local economy.

The sofas use strong beech wood, birch and FSC certified plywood, they are filled with wool, horsehair, layered flock, natural coir and latex rubber.

The cloth is made form cotton but could be anything else.

The cushions are made from Duratech which is made from recycled bottles. If budget is not an option this could be totally natural.

We can supply these sofas or bespoke versions for any dream eco home you would like us to help you create.

Natural sofa made with natural sustainable materials

This eco sofa is called the Mozart sofa and is available from from £728

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