Welcome to Eco Designer Home by Tristan Titeux

I decided to start Eco Designer Home so that I could have a fresh start, no compromises, take it or leave it.

Everything to furnish your dream eco home.

This website is dedicated to sustainable home interior furnishings, everything from fairtrade curtain makers, natural carpet and flooring suppliers, upcycled furniture, traditional local wood crafts, recycled or eco art, furniture made from sustainable sources, natural paints, earth plasters, all the way to eco fitted furniture made using eco friendly materials.

I have nothing to loose with Eco Designer Home, it is all new with nothing but my dreams to create a more sustainable healthy home.

I can offer you either individual goods for sale or help you choose everything for your room or whole house, If you want something truly sustainable and eco friendly without the hype, I can tell you why something is or isn’t eco friendly and every degree in between so that you can make your own choice.
Milo, a coffee table made from waste wood, from the ReCut series is the opening piece of EcoDesignerHome

Milo table with book on it, nexto pile of wood

The Milo table is the opening piece of EcoDesignerHome.com. It is made form waste created by CustomCarpentry.co.uk's fitted furniture.

If you know anyone who is interesting in contributing, anyone who makes fantastic sustainable furniture, products, materials let me know.

If it goes into making a home and it contributes towards a better planet for all our children, there will be a place for it at Eco Designer Home.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about me and why I want to do this you can get to know me more on my blog here: http://www.tristantiteux.com/the-things-that-shaped-me-pt-1-my-first-13-years/

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Thank you for your time and interest:

Together we can make our home and world a better place.

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