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For All Reasons


Milo is a table

  • For drinks.
  • For books.
  • For feet-up.

Put a cushion on it, it’s a standby-stool

Milo is an individual

Craft-built, Milo uses offcuts of timber and board from fitted furniture projects.
That’s why no two Milos are the same.
Dimensions are identical, but the availability of offcuts determines the colours and textures that run through these tables. Milo saves these offcuts from decaying in landfill, leaching contaminants and releasing a powerful greenhouse gas, methane

Milo is a conservationist

It takes decades, even centuries, for a tree to grow. Its wood can last even longer, crafted and cherished.
That’s why we don’t discard good wood.
That’s why we like Milo.